Principal Projx Solutions


I need to deliver my project on budget

  • Removing the guesswork

    The front-end loading principle is hardwired into our approach to every project we deliver: we provide robust risk and cost forecasts at the start of our work, improving cost control throughout delivery and minimising the need for costly fixes when it’s too late.

  • Reducing wastage

    Our resource profiling reduces costly wastage by ensuring that resources are available as and when needed. Contracts contain the right information, preventing a bow wave of delivery and contractor issues that can cause costs to spiral.

  • Preventing Disputes

    Our clients can trust us always to be collaborative, transparent, friendly and fair. It’s how we approach every project and it helps to avoid costly disputes.


I have a tight timescale

  • Strategic planning

    From the outset, our delivery strategy minimises the danger of project delay through understanding and mitigation of project variables.

  • Surgical Interface management

    Our team is expert at identifying and dissecting interfaces in technically complex projects, allowing us to build in time/risk allowances where necessary to ensure realistic delivery.

  • Critical Path Analysis

    We validate and continually challenge and test critical path activities to ensure they are correct, to provide as much programme certainty as possible.


I need a business I can trust

  • Taking pride in our work

    Our team takes pride in our work and is determined to deliver excellence every time. We know construction projects place a lot of stress on clients and we do all we can to minimise this by being totally transparent, always.

  • Quality Management

    Our quality management procedures are structured into our methodology, meaning clients can trust us to continually measure quality throughout a project, identify and communicate issues quickly and track them through to conclusion.

  • Preventing issues from becoming problems

    In construction projects, the profile of effort transitions between design to delivery and back again, with the process encompassing a number of discrete teams. It’s easy to push issues “downstream” to the next team in the chain—but it doesn’t work. We tackle issues head on and resolve them.