Construction and site management

Principal Projx specialises in high-quality management of technical construction projects. Our portfolio includes a roster of complex, high-visibility, high-stake Controls and Automation infrastructure projects.

The management stage of any construction project is critical. The knowledge and experience we have gained managing projects across a range of industries, including high-budget aviation projects, means we can provide detailed and pragmatic risk assessment and planning that will set the tone for the entire project.

At the nascent stage of a project our delivery team is able to forecast and highlight any problems while there is still time to take whatever measures are necessary to resolve them.

Our project sites are managed to the highest standards of safety and CDM compliance; we reserve the relevant expertise and documentation to undertake the role of Principal Project Manager and Principal Designer under CDM 2015. The ownership of compliance isn’t something that ends with our leadership team; it is shared across our delivery teams and throughout our process, as visible on the ground as it is in the management office.