Programme management

Construction projects are a significant investment so minimising the likelihood of costly setbacks is a critical priority for Principal Projx and our clients. Our approach is to manage every aspect of a project from cost control to procurement, scheduling and risk assessment, leaving no stone unturned in our relentless drive for excellence and determination to deliver a seamless, successful project.

Our team of Project Managers, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors act as trusted advisors for our clients, providing a single point of responsibility for project performance from inception to commissioning, handover and all points between.

With decades of collective experience in the delivery of large multidisciplinary schemes ranging in value from £1million- £20million, effective project management may be second nature to us, but it’s never something we take for granted. We work hard from the outset to ensure our clients’ project objectives are met, with a robust process and exacting service designed to mitigate the danger of oversight.

Our Programme Management service centres on three critical project factors: cost, quality and time. We believe that a laser focus on these key areas, combined with effective communication and adoption of the latest technology, can help reduce costs while maintaining quality and safety standards under CDM 2015 Compliance, driving even the most complex projects to completion within a reasonable time frame. Where cost-cutting is possible we will direct clients towards the best course of action, but without compromising in the slightest on the quality or time metrics dictated by them.

We treat programmes as a leading measure of quality: a proactive tool to ensure effective delivery.

Our programme management services follow a strict protocol.

Risk Assessment & Management

We work in tandem with our client while a project is in its conception phase. Working alongside stakeholders, engineers and architects we assess the feasibility of the project and resolve any problems while the project is still in its ideation phase, averting downstream costs.