Principal contractor and principal designer

The design stage is crucial to the completion of a project. Designs need to be clearly communicated, budgets adhered to, resources allocated and the whole process driven by clear decision-making. Any failure here can result in a project stalling, and the bigger and more technical a construction project is, the more acute the implications of this become.

Principal Projx can eliminate all these problems with planned, controlled design management that has been honed across decades of association with high-profile construction projects.

By acting as Principal Contractor and Principal Designer we can also provide the CDM compliance our clients need: while most have a working knowledge of CDM 2015, few are resourced to fulfil these roles. We have the insurances and expertise to act as both, saving clients the need to engage a construction to act as a proxy for their relationship with tier 2 suppliers—a common practice that results in significant cost and duplication of effort, for little benefit.

We don’t charge a fee for fulfilling these roles as part of our project delivery and will engage directly with suppliers on our clients’ behalf, bringing all of our skills and expertise to bear in both our adherence with legislation and our engagement with contractors.